Let's talk about the weather!

If you're a normie (a normal person, who behaves in the same way as most other people in society) you're most likely living inside two hyperobjects that you (mis)take as definitely real: "Covid" and "Climate Change".

The curious irony here is that by embracing the reality of a (mythic, perhaps fabricated) contagious virus, normies have inadvertently caused unbelievable harm, not just to themselves, but also to their families, friends, and humanity altogether.

Similarly, the climate change (fna: global warming) narrative which fingers the average Joe as responsible for future catastrophe, is so prevalent and well accepted at this point that the powers-that-be are now seizing the opportunity to bow-beat everyone.

But wait a sec. What if there are greater forces at work? Before we succumb to dragonian measures, it might be a good idea to look at the big picture when it comes to the weather, and the take a measured approach that factors in our love of planet.

Let's talk about this.   salon@sealevel.ca

BTW When you see a box like this anywhere on the Internet it indicates someone is attempting to set an agenda and control the narrative. This is ONLY it the interests of those who seek to control everything. In other words a BIG RED FLAG!

UN Propaganada


Ben Davidson

Climate Change Play List

Climate Science Destroyed In 8 Minutes

THE Earth Disaster Documentary

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Matt Ehret

COP27 and Pope Francis' Attack on Promethean Christianity
substack Nov 28, 2022

Maurice Strong and the Roots of the Great Reset Agenda

From COP-21 to COVID-19: The Collapse of ‘Predictive Models’ and the Return to Actual Thinking
Many inquiring minds noticed that those same computer models never proved in the first place that carbon dioxide actually causes temperature changes and others noticed that in longer waves of history, carbon dioxide actually follows temperature changes… implying that the true causes of climate change has less to do with CO2 and more to do with astrophysical effects like the sun and cosmic radiation (which recent studies by Professor Svensmark have proved seeds clouds and plays a much more direct role in shaping climate change than statisticians wish to admit).

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Indur M. Goklany

Fossil Fuels are the Greenest Energy Sources

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William Happer

There Is No Climate Emergency 58 mins
Earth is absolutely fine. There is no crisis, and you're not changing the temperature.

CO2 Coalition

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Paul Hawken

Regeneration: Climate, Consciousness, & Justice 33 mins
Wisdom 2.0

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Tony Heller

Real Climate Science
On the Insanity of Global Warming Alarmism 61 mins


Stephanie Kaza

How Are We Meeting This Moment?
Stephanie Kaza invites Buddhist communities, and specifically Buddhist leaders, to take a serious look at how they are—or aren’t—responding to the climate crisis.

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Bjørn Lomborg

and Andrew Revkin | Lex Fridman Podcast 18 Nov 2022
Climate Change Debate 252 mins


Michael Moore

Planet of the Humans (2019)
"Is it possible for machines made by industrial civilization to save us from industrial civilization?" – Jeff Gibbs

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Patrick Moore

Greenpeace Founder Patrick Moore Says Climate Change Based on False Narratives
Prominent scientist backs up claim that there is ‘no climate emergency’

Fake Invisible Catastrophes and Threats of Doom 4 mins
(Kirk Meighoo)

Fake Invisible Catastrophes and Threats of Doom 36 mins
(Irish Climate Science Forum)

Patrick Moore Revised 23 mins
(Conversations That Matter)

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Alberto Prestininzi:

Professor, Sapienza University, Rome, Italy; Director of the Center for Earthquake Research and Information (CERI).
Climate Change and the Galaxy 15 mins
Excerpt from Panel 1
Conference – the Physical Economy of the Noösphere: Reviving the Heritage of Vladimir Vernadsky
Q&A on Climate: Prof. Nicola Scafetta 12 mins
on CO2 3 mins

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Denis Rancourt

On the global climate change agenda 74 mins
Global warming and global cooling are natural planetary cycles.

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Henrik Svensmark

The Cloud Mystery (2008) 53 mins


Thomas Sowell



Dane Wigington

Climate Engineering 55 mins


Valentina Zharkova

On the sun driving climate change 66 mins
Earth is not warming. Earth is cooling.

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