What's Up with COVID Today?

Focus on the unbelievable NEGLIGENCE of our local media —
with so much at stake why are our information providers not the least bit curious about the larger questions posed here?

May 23, 2022
Ray McGinnis
The Freedom Convoy & the Collapse of Canadian Liberalism

May 23, 2022
Dr Sam Bailey
Monkeypox Mythology

May 22, 2022
Ken Bear

Follow the Money

May 20, 2022
Sheldon Yakiwchuk (on substack)    Boosters —
Criminally Negligent Homicide or Pre-Meditated Murder?


May 19, 2022
Robert W Malone MD, MS (on substack)
SARS-CoV2 Spike protein is a toxin
Factcheckers were wrong. People continue to suffer the consequences.


May 17, 2022
Dr. Byram W. Bridle (on substack)
I Just Had FOUR Vaccine Doses!

COVID-19 Inoculations Were Supposed to Meet the Traditional Definition
Importantly, the traditional definition of a vaccine was in place when manufacturers began their ongoing clinical trials. Indeed, as agreed upon by the manufacturers and health regulators when the clinical trial designs were approved, the current COVID-19 ‘vaccines’ were to be assessed for efficacy “against laboratory-confirmed Covid-19”. In other words, what is being assessed in the still ongoing initial clinical trials is efficacy against the development of COVID-19. This means the stated goal of COVID-19 ‘vaccines’ is to prevent disease, NOT TO SIMPLY BLUNT ITS SEVERITY. As such, the ongoing initial clinical trials of the current COVID-19 inoculations should be deemed abject failures upon their conclusion and these products should never receive full licensure. Clearly, the façade of calling them ‘vaccines’ should have been dropped a long time ago.

May 14, 2022
Real not Rare
The Faces of the Vaccine Injured (International)


May 12, 2022
OffGuardian Editorial
The OffG View: Fake binaries, fake crises, fake heroes

The real struggle is the one the “pandemic” lie inadvertently exposed to us all in stark clarity, and which we are all now being driven to forget as quickly as possible by all the above distractions.

It’s between us as individual humans and the techno-fascism that is being rolled out globally.

It’s between truth and the matrix of lies we are being invited to live in, populated with fake binaries, fake crises, fake solutions and fake heroes.

The choice is ours. Wake up or get in line for the New Normal global prison.

May 11, 2022
Global Covid Summit
Declaration IV - Restore Scientific Integrity
A Joint Statement, representing 17,000 Physicians and Medical Scientists to end the National Emergency, Restore Scientific Integrity, and Address Crimes Against Humanity. (Text and/or video 60 minutes)


May 9, 2022
Robert W Malone MD, MS / Guest Author: David Marks
Dismissing Reality Deriding Mass Formation and
Dismissing its Influence During a Global Crisis – is a Verification of the Phenomenon

Mattias Desmet and The Psychology of Totalitarianism

May 3, 2022
Ken Bear

Virus? — What virus?

May 2, 2022
Latest Liberal Pushback to continue Canadian Travel Ban

May 1, 2022
Bill Gates
The world can make COVID-19 the last pandemic:
Outbreaks are inevitable, but pandemics are optional. If we make key investments that benefit everyone, COVID-19 could be the last pandemic ever.


KEEAN BEXTE — The Counter Signal

April 29, 2022
Tim Bousquet
Record numbers of people are dying of COVID
in the ‘So What?’ wave of the pandemic

The weekly COVID death count in Nova Scotia

The largest fraud ever is embodied in this simple phrase: “Safe & Effective” — Edward Dowd (tweet)

April 27, 2022
Mike Wallach, Paradigm Shift Pictures
The Viral Delusion REMASTERED

The Viral Delusion

April 27, 2022
Dustin Broadbery, The Cogent
Revelation of the Method

April 26, 2022
Sam Bailey
The COVID-19 Chronology with Eric Coppolino
"We proceeded on the ‘virus—no virus‘ assumption. We went on the double assumption. We did a kind of a Buddhist thing. I never excluded one or the other until I was absolutely beyond certain that there was no validity to the virus claim...." — Eric Francis Coppolino

How long will Covid-19 last?

Chronology for Covid, PCR Assay and Sequencing PDF
(Begins in 2007 and goes to the end of 2020)

Today's Covid19 News from Eric Francis Coppolino and company!

April 25, 2022
CMAJ David N. Fisman, Afia Amoako and Ashleigh R. Tuite
Impact of population mixing between vaccinated and unvaccinated subpopulations on infectious disease dynamics: implications for SARS-CoV-2 transmission

"Unvaccinated disproportionately risk safety of those vaccinated against COVID-19, study shows"
— Andrea Woo, The Globe and Mail

"Fisman et al. are either incompetent or disingenuous."
OCLA Statement on CMAJ Fisman et al. Article

First time in history that the ineffectiveness of a medicine is being blamed on those who haven't taken it — Dr. Robert Malone

April 24, 2022
Clif High
D20220424 – Greg Hunter

Clif High

April 23, 2022
Tamara Ugolini, Rebel News, interviews data analyst Kelly Brown
Disquieting death toll: Dissecting Canada's all-cause mortality

April 22, 2022
el gato malo (bad cat)
are mRNA vaccines causing innate immune suppression?
a look at new work on pathways and proposed areas for research

Innate immune suppression by SARS-CoV-2 mRNA vaccinations: The role of G-quadruplexes, exosomes, and MicroRNAs
Stephanie Seneff, Greg Nigh, Anthony M.Kyriakopoulos, Peter A.McCullough

April 20, 2022
Etana Hecht
The Arc of a Fraud
Bombshell conversation between Dr. Naomi Wolf and Edward Dowd

A false representation of a matter of fact—whether by words or by conduct, by false or misleading allegations, or by concealment of what should have been disclosed—that deceives and is intended to deceive another so that the individual will act upon it to her or his legal injury.

Fraud must be proved by showing that the defendant's actions involved five separate elements: (1) a false statement of a material fact,(2) knowledge on the part of the defendant that the statement is untrue, (3) intent on the part of the defendant to deceive the alleged victim, (4) justifiable reliance by the alleged victim on the statement, and (5) injury to the alleged victim as a result.

April 19, 2022
Wide Awake Media
Vaxtermination: The Deliberate Culling Of The Human Population?

April 18, 2022
Naomi Wolf and Edward Dowd
Ex BlackRock Manager Edward Dowd says Wall Street now paying attention to ‘Trust the Science’ Fraud

March 31, 2022
Christian Parenti
How the organized Left got Covid wrong, learned to love lockdowns and lost its mind: an autopsy

It is hard to destroy your own cause and feel righteous while doing so, yet the American left has done it. After more than two centuries at the vanguard of the struggle for freedom, the American left, broadly defined, executed a volte face and embraced anti-working-class policies marketed as purely technical public health measures.

March 10, 2022
Edward Dowd

Edward Dowd on The Alex Jones Show
CDC Data: Excess Deaths of Millennials from Covid Jabs Rival Vietnam War US Death Count

February 11, 2022
Matthew Ehret
A Memorial for Dr. Luc Montagnier and the Coming Revolutions in Optical Biophysics

February 1, 2022
Sam Bailey
If Covid-19 Doesn't Exist, What Is Making People Sick?

JAN 03, 2022
Fabio Vighi
“After two years of relentless assaults on our intelligence, even the most faithful champions of the official narrative should find the courage to admit it: COVID-19 is the name of the coordinated response to an increasingly unmanageable systemic implosion. The surreal prolongation of the pandemic tells us that entire societies are hostage to the reproduction of fictitious value in the financial sector, where, it seems, the sky is the limit. But the cost of perpetually bullish markets are endless variants, quarterly vaccination programmes, wave after wave of media terror, and a whole panoply of Kafkaesque emergency regulations aimed at 1) keeping the money printer running while depressing the real economy; 2) getting us used to subjugation vis-à-vis alleged force majeure; and 3) distracting us from what takes place in the financial Olympus, where the real game that decides our destinies is played out.”
Red Pill

“If we want to protect what remains of our critical independence and human dignity, and especially the hope in a better future for our children, we must free ourselves, at least mentally, from this shackling subjection to a pseudo-pandemic supported by a corporate-owned type of scientism that has now risen to global religion. This is the first and fundamental step toward emancipation from the current deadlock.”

January 25, 2022
Sen. Ron Johnson
COVID-19: A Second Opinion Panel

January 15, 2022
Planet Lockdown documentary (112 mins)

Dec 16, 2021
The Pfizer Inoculations For COVID-19
More Harm Than Good

Dec 14, 2021
Dan Peruzzo
In today’s covid crazy world of censorship and this ‘one sided narrative’, it takes courage to stand up and speak out. Take a journey with this group of vaccine injured individuals and health professionals as they share their experiences in an effort to educate the public on the issues that the mainstream media overtly refuse to cover.

Aug 16, 2021
Fabio Vighi
“The mainstream narrative should therefore be reversed: the stock market did not collapse (in March 2020) because lockdowns had to be imposed; rather, lockdowns had to be imposed because financial markets were collapsing. With lockdowns came the suspension of business transactions, which drained the demand for credit and stopped the contagion. In other words, restructuring the financial architecture through extraordinary monetary policy was contingent on the economy's engine being turned off. Had the enormous mass of liquidity pumped into the financial sector reached transactions on the ground, a monetary tsunami with catastrophic consequences would have been unleashed.”
“Why should the whole of humanity (including children!) inject experimental ‘vaccines’ with increasingly worrying yet systematically downplayed adverse effects, when more than 99% of those infected, the vast majority asymptomatic, recover? The answer is obvious: because vaccines are the golden calf of the third millennium, while humanity is ‘last generation’ exploitation material in guinea pig modality.”

Jul 14, 2021
I'm arguing we should halt the vaccine experiment because we really havn't thought this through.  We're really acting like zombies.

Jul 10, 2021
That shot you got--the toxic one--

Jul 07, 2021
VAERS 9048 Deaths

Jul 06, 2021

Jul 05, 2021
DDT all the insects Roundup all the weeds mRNA all the people

Jun 05, 2021
Hello planet people -- It's clear something altogether sinister is driving the bus again today...

April 21, 2021