Follow the Money

Everybody understands the Covid-19 vaccine(s) lead to a scandalous big pharma bonanza. Most took the shot in any case, mistakingly thinking all gain, no pain.

Then the adverse vaccine reaction data revealed there could be all sorts of pain associated with the Covid-19 vaccine schedule, and very little benefit. After a year it was apparent that all cause mortality was also spiking. People are just dropping dead unexpectly but NOT from Covid. Public health authorities maintain vaccine mandates and even extended them to younger and younger children. Why?

There are no doubt many Covid-19 follow-the-money stories and theories. This is a page of notes on what I've discovered as the forces and motives driving humanity's most massive genocide to date.

Folks seem to becoming increasingly insightful on this topic. The following "5 star" links from Hana, High, and Dowd provide an exquisite overview.

Sept 9, 2022
Sage Hana on substack
Working Hypothesis of How the Plandemic was Rolled Out
Guest post by nymusicdaily

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Sept 2, 2022
Clif High

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Aug 31, 2022
Edward Dowd interview on "What Is Money?" Show
Information Warfare with Edward Dowd 120 mins

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May 30, 2022
Fabio Vighi
Pause for Thought:
Money without Value in a Rapidly Disintegrating World

May 27
Will Zoll (Prussiagate on substack)
The ReichsWEF – Part V
Klausian Kommand Zentral

Clif High (on substack and in English)
Willkommen im Klauswitz!
Arbeit mach Frei!

May 21, 2022
Ed Dowd (on War Room)
The Four Converging Forces That Will Destroy the Economy

You just have to understand that the central bankers & politicians have bankrupted the world and a lot of the things you see are going to be distractions. This #monkeypox nonsense, I suspect they are going to try to lockdown the economy right before the election.

April 27 – May 12
Will Zoll (Prussiagate on substack)
The ReichsWEF – Parts I through IV

April 18, 2022
Naomi Wolf and Edward Dowd
Ex BlackRock Manager Edward Dowd says Wall Street now paying attention to ‘Trust the Science’ Fraud

Edward Dowd points to gargantuan private/public sector fraud. Dr Naomi Wolf has a team working on pathways to litigation.

April 8, 2022
clif high
Rock, and a hard face!

The FED is in a trap. Raising rates will kill the global dollar based fiscal system as well as the last remnants of the petrodollar. But they have no choice.

We will see the hyper inflation destroy markets across the globe over these next few months. Likely real estate markets will begin to boil as adjustable rate mortgages start heading higher like they were Bitcoin.

The Federal Reserve Banksters are trapped between the Rock of Gold, and all our Harsh Faces as this goes down

March 10, 2022
Edward Dowd on The Alex Jones Show
CDC Data: Excess Deaths of Millennials from Covid Jabs Rival Vietnam War US Death Count

Feb 12, 2022
Catherine Austin Fitts with Dark Journalist Daniel Liszt
It's Happening Now! The Global Control Coup

We're experiencing a dramatic increase in all cause mortality... That is very deflating. This is really a question of calibration. How much deflation are you going to get from killing people versus how much inflation are you going to get from printing money.

Think of Fauci as a deflation-to-go-machine.

Feb 5, 2022
Matthew Ehret on substack
The Imperial Fraud of Green Finance Explored

OCT 18, 2021
Fabio Vighi

Sheep spend their entire lives being afraid of the wolf, but end up eaten by the shepherd. (Popular proverb)

By now it should be clear that COVID-19 is, essentially, a symptom of financial capital running amok.

September 18, 2021

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June 2, 2021
Tim Gielen
Monopoly An overview of the Great Reset Follow the Money