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Why Shift?

Nova Scotians
have the

Buy local programs are springing up everywhere!
Shifting 10% makes so much sense:

  1. A more resilient economy
    • By retaining weath in Nova Scotia our money circulates here multiplying the benefit of each dollar spent on local goods and services.
  2. A healthier, happier society
    • A higher diversity of locally owned businesses results in higher per capita income and more meaningful employment within the community.
    • Local business owners are devoted to the community, more likely to support community events, and contribute to overall community wellbeing — because they are local stakeholders.
    • Greater independence and a broader tax base provide for a thriving public service and a healthier society altogether.
  3. A Sustainable Nova Scotia
    • By empowering local producers we revitalize local supply chains, nurture our local "food shed" and drastically reduce the carbon footprint of consumables.
    • Shifting to local self-reliance makes Nova Scotia more socially and economically sustainable in the near and long term.

10% Shift

10% Shift!
10 Percent Shift
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Ten Percent Shift

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Boost Our Local

“I see such tremendous grassroots spirit in efforts like the campaign by the Canadian Union of Public Employees to have their 18,000 members shift 10 percent of the family budget to Buy Local.”
– Nova Scotia Premier Darrell Dexter
State of the Province Address, December 5, 2012