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Say what?

What can a
10% Shift
do for
Nova Scotia?

A lot!

Let’s make a billion dollar difference!

Ten percent might not seem like very much, and yet when we're talking about the combined spending power of Nova Scotians it really adds up.

How does 10% Shift compare to Ships Start Here?

The federal ship building contract is for $25 billion over 30 years.

If Nova Scotians shift 10% of their annual spending to local goods and services that equals $2 billion a year or $60 billion over 30 years. That's more than double the Ships Start Here contract.

But what about savings?

It's true, we'd be ill-advised to spend all that we earn. Still, as with our spending, we can invest 10% of our savings in Nova Scotia through local Credit Unions, investment in locally-based businesses, and Community Economic Development Investment Funds. Would it not be a good idea to keep at least 10% of your investment portfolio in your local community?  

Great Local

Boost Our Local
Farmers' Markets of Nova Scotia

Food for Thought

We're told that over 80% of the food we eat "comes from away." Average farm net income for Nova Scotia's 4000 farms is less than $20,000 a year.

"In Nova Scotia, $187 million is spent each month on groceries. If only 10 per cent of that total was spent on local food products, our local economy would be infused with almost $19 million." (source: BALLE Nova Scotia)

$187 x 12 months = $2.24 billion.

If it's true that more than 80% of groceries come from away that means we send 1.8 billion out of province for food. And from a purely ‘gastronomic’ standpoint, buying local means our food is fresher and it hasn't been shipped from across the continent or around the world just to land on our plates.

This makes local food a much more sustainable option too. By supporting local producers, we help ensure our food security for when the time comes that trucking millions of tonnes of food so far will no longer be viable due to increasing fuel costs.  

A great example is
Elements Restaurant
the restaurant in the Westin Hotel in downtown Halifax. Their motto
"50 mile dining"
means they source all the foods they serve from within a 50 mile radius.

Now there's a challenge we all could try sometime.

Rare Bird Brewery

Nova Scotia Workers have the Power

See Average Weekly Earnings in Nova Scotia for details. We are 400,000 strong (excluding the self employed). Just $50 dollars a week spent on local goods and services amounts to $2500 a year x 400,000 = $1 billion. And Nova Scotia is worth so much more.

It might be as simple as buying the local micro-brewery six pack, a Nova Scotian wine, bread from the local bakery, meat, eggs and vegetables from a Farmers' Market, or coffee from the local owned café rather than the international chain.

The 10% Shift is on Nova Scotia.
Together we can make a big difference.

10% Shift

Sissiboo Coffee Roasters