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Farmers' Markets of Nova Scotia

Wines of Nova Scotia

Discover what's truly Nova Scotian!

Farmers' Markets of Nova Scotia

Gillian Wesley & Drew Moore have assembled a beautiful and passionate appreciation of our province in their website: Local Traveler NS.
Visit their Local Wish List for a vast selection
of all things Nova Scotian.

“Our common goal is a healthy and vigorous economy and
social life for all Nova Scotians.”
Farmers' Markets of Nova Scotia

Farmers' Markets of Nova Scotia Looking for Foodstuffs?
Select Nova Scotia, an initiative of the Province of Nova Scotia, is a searchable online database of close to 400 local food producers and distributors throughout the province.

Calling all Nova Scotia Businesses!
Take the Pledge and tell us if you run a business in Nova Scotia. We'll get back to you with a request for more information and eventually publish business, product and service listings here. Let everyone know you're out there.

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