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Welcome to Buddhactivity.org, a web utility for Mahasangha – the global Buddhist community featuring: There are no pre-requisites to signing in. This is an open system – freely accessible to everyone. Many essential community building features are free. Anyone can post or update their directory or calendar information. Publishing and messaging functions are only available to those who pay a small annual fee ($36.), set to ensure the quality of published content and yet affordable for everyone. This system gathers and delivers information relevant to your local centre and your region, as well as information about major programs of global interest.

Protecting your privacy and ensuring your control of the information you contribute to Buddhactivity.org comes first and foremost and is the default setting for all functions.
Meaningful Communication – a SPAM-free system
Buddhactivity.org is designed for essential communications. Web pages where contact information appear are protected from robots and spiders, meaning you will not find your email address on Google or any other search engine as a result of being publsihed here. Unlike other online directories, you can be confident that this system projects your identity while protecting your contact details from SPAM. In this way, Dharma centres, businesses and individuals are most likely to receive meaningful communications.

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If you require assistance posting events to the calendar click here.

Site Navigation
The primary menu is threefold:
Simply sign in to access the Community and Tools menus.
  • Centres to access the Dharma centres database
  • Community for access to resources offered by your community including:
    • Accommodation
    • Business products and services
    • Community directory
    • Event programming
    • Personal ads
  • Tools you and everyone can use to add content and contribute to community:
    • Add event – to the Dharmic events database
    • Archive – Dharma talk transcripts
    • Change – your primary centre affiliation
    • Edit – Dharmic event editor
    • Link – How to link to your centre’s custom calendar
    • Publish – Dharmic event publisher
    • Search – all system search functions
    • Update – your contact information
Your contributions are encouraged. In most sections you browse you will find an invitation to contribute to that section. On main pages, the “Welcome ” link invites you to add your personal contact information and thereafter provides a summary of your activities. This is a great place to start as your possibilities expand from this basic data.

Looking for something specific?
Click “Search”.

Finding your way home
The Buddhactivity.org link on every page will return you back to your personal “Community” or “Tools” menu, or back to the site homepage.

If at anytime the site becomes a bit weird – meaning it has lost track of you and your centre affiliation – simply logout and sign back in. This will fix any problems you might be having by clearing cookies and restarting your session.

Need help?
The Help? link at the top of most pages will bring you to the relevant section on this page. The “Back” link following each help section will take you back to where you were.

Community Directory
When you register you are asked to specify a Dharma centre affiliation. The Community Directory allows you to add or update your contact information including your photo if you wish. This is a free service and with your community’s participation will result in a up-to-date directory for your centre or organization.

Required information
The only item required is your birth date, which is collected for demographic purposes only and is never published.
Optional information
All other information on the Community Directory Personal Profile form is optional.

Also if you check ‘Yes’ for “Are you a meditation instructor?” or “Are you a Dharma teacher?” your profile will show up in searches for same in your area.

The subscribe to email announcements option allows you to turn on and turn off email messages at any time. (Note that this option only controls email originating from the buddhactivity.org server.)

The Biography option encourages you to share your life stories, in particular how you arrived at your current world view and what experiences you’ve had along the path. Whether you are new to Buddhist practice or an accomplished Dharma teacher sharing your stories will likely be of benefit to others. Completing this section is highly recommended for teachers and meditation instructors.

Your Photo
If you’re affiliated with a small centre you perhaps know everyone’s name. But in larger centres this is unlikely. For this reason posting photos in the directory can be of great advantage to building community and helping with introductions for those new to your Dharma centre.

Your Privacy
Your listing in the Community Directory is by default unlisted and unpublished. You control who is able to see your contact information with three distribution options: 1. Unlisted; 2. Centre only (where only those affiliated with your centre will be able to see your profile); and 3. Global (where anyone, anywhere can do a search for you and find you).

The Benefits
One of the main tasks of any centre administration is keeping track of contact information for members and friends of the centre. The Community Directory function on Buddhactivity.org provides a convenient (and free) way for everyone to keep their own contact information up-to-date. It also provides for the online distribution of this information.

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Change your Dharma centre affiliation
You can change your primary centre affiliation at any time by following the “Tools” –> “Change” link. This directs you to a geographically-specific selection of any centre in the Dharma centres database. If you have moved, please also update your address and contact information for the Community Directory.

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Dharma centres database
At the heart of Buddhactivity.org is a database of Dharma centres and organizations throughout the world. Centre listings are free and can be added or updated at any time.

If your centre or organization is not listed you will be prompted to add your centre when you log in. If you are not logged in and browsing the centres database, you can add your centre by online form from the “Register to add your Dharma centre” link on any webpage.

If you are logged in and affiliated with a particular centre, you’ll find that you can update your centre’s information by online form. Find your centre’s page in the database to see what is there and then select the “Update” link.

You can search for centres by name, city, state, region, country, or year established. To facilitate regional event scheduling the world is divided in 26 regions.

An option to add your centre logo or photo means that it will appear not just on the page listing your centre or organization’s information, but on all centre-related webpages for Community Directory, Event Calendars, Livelihood Directory and so on. To do this simply select an image from your centre’s website, with your mouse on that image select “Open Image in New Window”. Copy the web address of the image and paste it into the appropriate field on the form, “Optional: Centre logo or photo (URL)” You can change your centreÔøΩs image in this way at any time.

The Benefits
The Dharma centres database provides comprehensive listings as well as links to other centre lists and databases. It provides an easy way to add or update centre information and allows for detailed centre profiles. It provides a way for centres that might otherwise be overlooked to link up with the bigger picture of Dharmic activity in the neighbourhood, the region and the world.

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Events calendar
Buddhactivity.org is an open system which accepts event listings from anyone – anywhere in the world.

Events are tagged as “Local”, “Regional” or “Global”.
  • Local events are those that concern local sangha only, such as regular practice and study sessions. Local events appear on your centre’s local calendar
  • Regional events are special teaching or practice events that one might travel across a region to attend. Regional events appear on all centre calendars throughout your region.
  • Global events are unique in that they are likely to attract participants from anywhere in the world. Global event listings appear on all centre calendars throughout the world.
As the system is aware of your centre affiliation, it also knows your geographic location and is able to deliver a custom calendar of only those events relevant to you and your centre’s location.

Posting to the Calendar
You can contribute to the calendar at anytime. And you can contribute anything you feel deserves attention. As Shunryu Suzuki Roshi (1904-1971) once said, “All koans are the same. Ordinary activity is Buddha activity.” So you need not be shy about what you would like to post. Events at your centre or special events in your community – all are welcome.

The event posting program runs over four pages. The first collects the basics, the second the type of program, the third the location and the fourth event details and a longer description of what the program is all about.

Any event with a “long description” generates its own webpage.

Adding Locations
The system allows you to add locations for programs or gatherings other than your centre’s address, and once added, these are available for subsequent events with ‘one click.’

Preview your listings
You can post and preview any number of event listings. It is important to note here that the event listings you create are yours and yours alone. No one else can access, edit, change or publish your listings.

Editing your listings
Listings can be updated, changed or deleted at any time. This means you can post an upcoming event before it has fully taken shape and add details as they are clarified. If the nature or personality associated with an event changes, you may change the listing. If the event is cancelled, you can indicate this upfront, or delete the records entirely.

When you edit a published event, it ceases publication and must be published again (See Publishing your listings below).

In the calendar edit program you can make rota assignments for your event or list duties with question marks to be filled in by those who can review these requirements online and volunteer. If there is nothing in the Event Rota text box, a rota listing for that event will not appear. Conversely, if there is anything in the box (even a question mark) the event will be displayed for your centre’s Rota, as event staff scheduling or as a request for participation.

Adding a graphic or photograph
You can easily add a graphic or photograph to an event webage in the calendar edit program, by pasting the image url in the appropriate “Event Graphic” field on the form.

Events lasting more than one day
The event database records are days (not events). If your program or event takes place over several days, it is recommended that you create a record for each of these. You can do this duplicating the event and changing the date – or by the “Recurring events” facility outlined below.

Session dates
Events running for more than one date will automatically generate a “Session dates” web page which can be accessed from the “Find all dates in this series” link on any event-generated web page.

Recurring events
Many events at your centre will be scheduled over consecutive days, weekly, or coincide with phases of the moon. The calendar edit program will calculate and create entries for recurring events provided you specify the total number of days over which the event takes place. (Moon calculations may vary a day or so over the course of a year, but inaccurate dates can be corrected as necessary by editing).

Publishing your listings
The power to publish on Buddhactivity.org costs $36 Canadian dollars per year. This fee is designed to ensure the quality of the published content. The fee is set to be easily affordable by everyone who wishes to contribute content. Payments by credit card through PayPal or from your PayPal account automatically register on your record and instantly enable you to publish, not only event listings, but your livelihood and other listings as well.

You can do this now by clicking on the PayPal button
When you return to this site your account will be credited immediately for a full year.
To publish your event(s) select the “Publish” link and then check the items you wish to make public.  

Linking to the Calendar
How can Buddhactivity.org deliver a geographically specific and relevant calendar to your Dharma centre or organization? By a simple link placed anywhere in your centre's website:
<a href="http://buddhactivity.org/garuda.htm">Community Calendar</a>

The following code generates the appropriate link and the graphic button below.
<a href="http://buddhactivity.org/garuda.htm"><img src="http://buddhactivity.org/graphics/b40.png" alt="Buddhactivity" width="40" height="40" hspace="0" vspace="0" border="0"></a>

The program reads where the link is coming from (the referral url) and identifies your centre. Then it searches the event database for events posted from today’s date forward that belong to your centre and to your region.

Immediately local and regional events will be displayed followed by the following menu:

Introductory Programs :: Local and Regional Events :: + Global Events

Rota :: Community Directory :: Livelihood Directory :: Regional Centres

September 2019
The current month’s calendar appears with today’s date highlighted. The “Prev” and “Next” links on the calendar allow you to move backward and forward in time one month at a time.

Note: The link above works in every instance for centres and websites which are tied to a geographic location (or set of locations). Virtual organizations which have no specific location or headquarters require a dedicated link designed for their particular circumstance. Write support@buddhactivity.org for more information.
The Benefits
The events calendar system on Buddhactivity.org encourages input from sangha throughout the world and delivers timely and geographically relevant event information to you and your centre.

The calendar supplements your centre’s existing calendar system by providing a complete picture of programs and events taking place at your centre. This is helpful for the scheduling of other activities and avoiding conflicts.

Calendar entries and can be made instantly without the need to continually update webpages in static html. Because the calendar is always current from today’s date on it is never obsolete.

On a regional level, the calendar integrates events at other centres as well as community activities that are taking place. On a global level, the calendar is able to feature major programs that may be of interest to your local community.

The calendar system archives events and you can contribute to this fully searchable archive by posting the proceedings of events as transcripts.
Require assistance posting events?
Many people acknowledge the benefits of a shared calendar system for the greater Buddhist community. At the same time centre administrators are frequently overloaded with tasks, and posting events to Buddhactivity.org simply adds to responsibilities that could already be considered overwhelming. A volunteer solution might be in order here certainly, and yet finding someone who actually enjoys working with computers might be an issue.

If you require assistance posting your calendar, staff at Buddhactivity.org are pleased to assist. Send us your centre’s calendar and we will post all the entries for you. We will create a login specific to your centre. You can review and edit your calendar at any time, and publish, or authorize the publication of the listings created for you. The fee for this service is $7 per entry. Write support@buddhactivity.org for a quotation.

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Dharma Teachers
Select “Events by Teacher” for an alphabetical list of teachers with events posted in the calendar. On this page you can access a similar comprehensive list of teachers of events past which have been posted to the calendar – with links to the programs they have taught.

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While the calendar invites the posting of upcoming events, as these occur they do not disappear, but remain in the system. When you select “Archive”, a page appears with the past events you have posted. You can edit any event and add a transcript of a talk given, or photos from the event.

You may also create a new event record for a past event, recalling a memorable story or event associated with your teacher or Dharma centre – or use the archive to eulogize deceased community members.

The Benefits
Transcripts posted to the archive are fully searchable by keyword, as well as by teacher – and are available to all.

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Livelihood Directory
A Business Directory is included for your centre. To add your business to the directory complete the Livelihood Directory Professional Profile.

The base rate for publishing your professional profile is $36 a year, and payment of this fee grants access to all publishing and messaging functions on Buddhactivity.org. Your profile remains active for the period the fee is paid.

Profitable businesses and corporations are encouraged to contribute proportionately based on size of business and self assessment. A generousity policy is also in place to ensure that this fee is not a barrier to those who genuinely would like to participate.

Your profile is an advertisement for your business and highlights for the community as well as for larger community networks, the products and services you are able to provide. The profile format is designed to work for both large companies and small individual enterprise, for long established business and start-ups.
  • Occupation/Specialization
  • Contact and address information
  • Brief Business Description (In a nutshell)
  • Currently seeking categories can be accessed through search and the summary section provides a published explanation. For example “Seeking skills, hiring” would be the best way to attract job seekers.
  • Skills (Skillful means)
  • Hobbies
  • Career aspirations (Path)
  • Keywords (for search)
  • Livelihood category (for search) Note you may create your own category here, and yet it is strongly recommended that you select from existing for simplicity’s sake
All fields are optional, so your profile can be simple and to the point or quite detailed. It is easy to change and update your profile at any time. Each time you edit however, your profile ceases publication until you click “Publish” again.

When you do publish your professional profile, you will be presented with a webpage of all the business entries in the Livelihood database sorted by modification date – with your record very close to the top. “Search” allows you to find specifics in the global livelihood database. Your centre’s livelihood directory presentation sorts randomly to circumvent preferential top-of-page treatment inherent in standard ordering.

By default your community directory photo will appear by your profile. You may alternatively add your company logo.

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Apartments, B&Bs, Cabins, Castles, Condos, Cottages, Dorms, Flats, Hostels, Hotels, Houses, house sitting and house swapping, Live-in caregiver, housekeeper, or nanny arrangements, Lofts, Motels, Overnights, Pet sitting, Retreats, Rooms, Studio space, Sublets, Tree houses, Zero-Energy housing, you name it.

To support practice and study, as well as travel to Dharma programs we all need a place to stay. Buddhactivity.org Accommodation listings are free and provide a means to connect with offers and requests for housing – both short- and long-term.

To review current requests and offers (sign in) select “Community” --> “Accommodation.” The search function on this page allow you filter listings based on type and location.

To add your listing select “Create or edit your Accommodation listing” toward the bottom of the page. Your name and contact email will be automatically entered the resulting form. You must specify that this is an offer or request. You can select the accommodation type as well as number of beds. Check the Urgent request for housing box if this is the case.

You can specify the dates to which this listing applies or check the “Perpetual offer of accommodation” box in which case your published listing will not time limited.

Write your headline and description. Specify your location. Then “Preview your accommodation listing”

Your Accommodation Listing Preview is not public. Select “Edit” to make changes. Select “Publish” to make your listing public. Or select “Save & View Accommodation listings” to do just that. You can return to your listing, make changes and publish it at any time. Note: if you edit your listing it ceases publication and you must publish it again to have it appear. In this way you control your information. To delete your listing from the Accommodations database, simply select “Reset - Delete” in the Edit window.

Accommodation listings are sorted by modification date, so the most recent posts or updates float to the top of the list. Subscribers are be able to contact you via the email you have supplied which is NOT published with your listing.

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All you need is love! Engage and connect with your world. Spell out what you’re after. To post a personal ad go to Buddhactivity.org Personals.

Personal ads are free. If you are not logged in you will be directed to do so. If you have yet to complete your personal profile for the Community Directory, you will be asked to provide the required information there first.

The Personals section uses your birthdate to calculate eastern and western astrology signs (which you can edit as you like), uses your location information, and will pull in your Community Directory photo, which you can accept, replace with any alternate, or reject (the default) for your ad.

You are asked to provide a name (real names are quite popular these days), gender and activity preferences, a headline and some copy. That’s it! Edit and publish whenever you want. Subscribers can contact you via form email to your login email address (which is NOT published with your personal).

The Benefits
Buddhactivity.org Personals offer practitioners a means to connect with other community members, break through personal isolation. Those who practice and study the Dharma are likely to develop a unique view of the world – and use a language apart from the mainstream for describing their experience. Personals increase the likelihood of a meeting of the minds in this respect.

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