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Alberta Buddhist Vihara Association
Ven-Talgaswewe Seelananda
2329 Millbourne Rd., West.
Edmonton   Alberta
Canada   T6K 1H6

  Venerable Talgaswewe Seelananda was ordained at the age of 11 and after completing his monastic training, received higher ordination in 1984 as a Theravada monk in Sri Lanka. He has successfully completed his university undergraduate – B.A. (Major - Buddhist Philosophy) and post graduate degrees – M.A. and M.Phil., in Buddhist Studies.

The Samatha Vipassana Meditation Centre is a monastery in the Theravada tradition of Buddhism and a centre of teaching and practice of meditation. Its heart is the resident Abbot, Venerable Seelananda, whose life of meditation and teaching is open for visitors to share, as a living example of the Buddhist path.

Venerable Seelananda is fluent in English, Pāli and Sanskrit, which together with his excellent monastic roots is recognized as a dedicated monk skilled in the teaching of Buddhism and meditation.

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