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The Religious Board of Buddhist of Ukraine
Dorje Jambo Choidje-lama


  Dorje Jambo Choidje-lama (worldly name is Muzhchil Oleg Vladimirovich) was born in 1965 in Donetsk, Ukraine.
In 1987 he took the Refuge in the Three Jewels as the layman with
Venerable Darma Dody who was Lama in Ivolginskiy datsan "Gandan Dashi
Choinhorling" (Buryatia) and became his student. That year he also received the initiation into the Nyingma School practices from Venerable Choichen Dorje Lama.
On the 20th of May 1989 he took the Nyingma monastic vows.
In 1991 he registered the first Buddhist community in Ukraine "Mahasangha" and became its head.
In 1992 he organized and registered three regional Buddhist communities of Nyingma School: in Donetskaya, Luganskaya and Kharkovskaya regions.
In 1993 he created the first and currently the only one legal Buddhist monastery in Ukraine "Sheychen-ling" and became its abbot.
Since 1993 he was elected as the Head of the Religious Board of Buddhists of Ukraine.
Nowdays The Religious Board of Buddhists of Ukraine includs more than ten buddhist communities in Kiev, Donetskaya, Kharkovskaya, Luganskaya, Zaporogskaya regions.

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