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CloudWater Zendo

Centre description
CloudWater Zendo is a Ch'an (Zen) meditation center which provides teaching in Ch'an, Pure Land and General Buddhism.
Dharmic activities
Group meditation, private student-teacher interviews, meditative intensives and retreats, classes in visualization meditation, facilitation of Refuge and Lay Precepts, facilitation of Shramanera and Bhiksu Vows, Dharma Talks, classes on Buddhist teachings and history, public lectures, regular Buddhist services, observance of Buddhist holidays.
Community service
Prison outreach program for correctional facilities in the state of Ohio. Affiliated meditation groups in Ohio and Pennsylvania. Visits to universities, colleges, high schools and various community groups to familiarize them with the Buddhist tradition. Interfaith outreach.
Established 1994
Founder Ven. Shih Ying-Fa
Lineage Chinese: Ch'an - Lin Chi
Lineage holder / Director Venerable Shih Ying-Fa
Centre teacher(s) Venerable Shih Ying-Fa, Venerable Shih Ming-Xing
Language(s) English
Where on earth is CloudWater Zendo?
CloudWater Zendo
14436 Puritas Avenue
Cleveland Ohio
USA 44135
Contact Venerable Shih Ying-Fa
Tel (216) 889-1393 -- Venerable Shih Ying-Fa
Email yingfa@cloudwater.org
WWW www.cloudwater.org
Update 2007-05-28
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