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Kansas Zen Center

Centre description
small Zen center in the Korean tradition in Lawrence KS
Dharmic activities
daily practice, meditation retreats, occasional classes
Established 1978
Founder Zen Master Seung Sahn (1927-2004)
Lineage Korean: Zen: Kwan Um
Affiliation Kwan Um School of Zen
Lineage holder / Director Judy Roitman, JDPSN
Centre teacher(s) Judy Roitman, JDPSN
Members & Friends 25   0 registered  
Where on earth is Kansas Zen Center?
Kansas Zen Center
1423 New York Street
Lawrence Kansas
USA 66044
Contact Kansas Zen Center
Tel 785-331-2274
Email info@kansaszencenter.org
WWW kansaszencenter.org
Update 2008-01-11
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