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ALIA Institute

Centre description
ALIA Institute is an international network of people, projects, and programs actively engaged in the organizational and societal challenges of our time. The Institute is a nonprofit organization funded by a combination of program tuition, grants, and donations. While rooted in the vision, meditation practice, and principles of the Shambhala tradition, ALIA Institute welcomes a rich diversity of people and perspectives.

ALIA supports, connects, and amplifies the bright lights across organizations and communities—the visionaries, pathfinders, entrepreneurs, and other agents of change and innovation in business, government, and civil society. In this way, the Institute fosters movements towards more enlightened societies.

ALIA's programs are known for their unique blend of ancient and leading-edge theory, practices, and principles. These programs are inspired by Buddhism and other wisdom traditions, and by the great thinkers, researchers, and front-line leaders of our time.

Since 2001, ALIA's Shambhala Summer Institute has attracted 250-300 people to Nova Scotia each June and has become internationally known as a premier leadership development venue. The Summer Institute is also a place where connections are forged among networks, organizations, and individuals engaged in organizational and community change projects worldwide.
Established 2000
Lineage Tibetan: Shambhala, Kagyu, Nyingma
Affiliation Shambhala
Where on earth is ALIA Institute?
ALIA Institute
1673 Barrington Street, 2nd Floor
Halifax Nova Scotia
Canada B3J 1Z9
Contact Susan Szpakowski
Tel 902 425 0492
Email info@aliainstitute.org
WWW aliainstitute.org
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Update 2012-08-29
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