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Boston Triratna Buddhist Community

Centre description
The Triratna Buddhist Community (formerly known as the Friends of the Western Buddhist Order or FWBO) is founded on the belief that Buddhism can make a constructive contribution to our modern western world.

Founded by an Englishman named Sangharakshita, the Triratna Buddhist Community expresses the core principles of Buddhism in ways that are relevant to the men and women of today.

Our Boston center is located in Central Square, Cambridge, near the MBTA Red Line. We offer classes in meditation and Buddhism, and hold regular gatherings for study and practice.
Established 1985
Founder Sangharakshita
Affiliation Triratna Buddhist Community (formerly FWBO)
Lineage holder / Director Sunada Takagi
Centre teacher(s) Sunada Takagi, Sravaniya
Where on earth is Boston Triratna Buddhist Community?
Boston Triratna Buddhist Community
620 Massachusetts Ave
Cambridge Massachusetts
USA 02139
Contact Sunada
Email Ask@BostonTriratna.org
WWW bostontriratna.org
Update 2010-12-23
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