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Bright Dawn Institute for American Buddhism

Centre description
Religious educational organization continuing lifework of the Venerable Gyomay Kubose, a pioneer in the Americanization of Buddhism. Non-dualistic, non-sectarian approach draws from Gautama Buddha and Japanese Mahayana tradition, especially Jodo Shinshu and Zen Buddhism. Eclectic Way of Oneness approach puts the emphasis on individual spiritual practice rather than on any particular sectarian dogma. Visit website brightdawn.org for resources supporting individual spiritual practice, including lay ministry study program, telephone Buddhist confirmation, Dial-the-Dharma taped talks, and a Sangha Store for books, mindfulness bell sets, calligraphy, altar items, etc.
Established 1996
Founder Venerable Gyomay M. Kubose
Lineage American Buddhism
Affiliation independent
Lineage holder / Director Rev. Koyo Kubose
Language(s) English
Where on earth is Bright Dawn Institute for American Buddhism?
Bright Dawn Institute for American Buddhism
28372 Margaret Road
Coarsegold California
USA 93614
Contact Adrienne
Tel 559-642-4285
Email brightdawn@kubose.com
WWW brightdawn.org
Update 2009-05-06
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