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British Columbia Insight Meditation Society

Centre description
The British Columbia Insight Meditation Society (BCIMS) is a non-profit society based in Vancouver, formed to connect and support Buddhist meditation communities in B.C. that practice in the Theravadin/Vipassana tradition.

We invite you to join us exploring the Buddha’s teachings on insight, generosity and kindness; and in awakening the body, mind and heart in formal meditation practice and in the challenge of daily life.
Dharmic activities
BCIMS hosts a year-round schedule of sitting groups, residential and non-residential retreats, daylong sits, workshops, classes and special events.
Community service
BCIMS encourages and supports volunteering and involvement in existing groups that further the values of generosity and heartfulness. We encourage involvement in community projects such as those under the banner of Engaged Buddhism, Food Banks, Community Kitchens, and ”Runs”; as well as initiating specific projects in the dharma community, such as sit-a-thons, car-washes, and social fund raisers (usually in support of overseas Buddhist communities).
Established 1994
Founder Adrianne Ross and Joanne Broatch
Lineage Vipassanā
Centre teacher(s) Adrianne Ross, Joanne Broatch, Judy Witheford, Margot Sangster, Karen Lawrie
Language(s) English
Where on earth is British Columbia Insight Meditation Society?
British Columbia Insight Meditation Society
Mailing Address: # 414 - 1917 West 4th Avenue
Vancouver British Columbia
Canada V6J 1M7
Contact BCIMS
Email info@bcims.org
WWW www.bcims.org
Update 2010-02-17
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