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Ecumenical Buddhist Society

Centre description
Seven Buddhist lineages practicing together under one organizational umbrella. Each lineage has practice leaders authorized by their lineage. And we also offer Ecumenical programs - like classes in basic Buddhist teachings - for people in all of the different lineages.
Dharmic activities
Daily meditation practices, classes, retreats.
Established 1994
Founder various
Lineage Nyingma, Rinzai, Kwan Um, Sakya, Vipassana, Zen
Members & Friends 300   1 registered  
Where on earth is Ecumenical Buddhist Society?
Ecumenical Buddhist Society
1615 W Third Street
Little Rock Arkansas
USA 72201
Contact Cheryl Woodard
Tel 501-376-7056
WWW www.ebslr.org
Update 2014-03-15
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