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Dharma House

Centre description
Welcome to the Dharma House...a house within a house, where the classes are small, prices are practical and the people are genuine. We offer yoga and meditation classes, Chakra balancing and Reiki healing sessions.
Dharmic activities
Sitting, walking and guided meditation, Dharma talks, mindfulness practice
Established 2013
Founder Dallas Dutka
Members & Friends 30   1 registered   1 public
Dallas Dutka
Where on earth is Dharma House?
Dharma House
52095 Barrington Pl
Granger IN
USA 46530
Contact Dallas Dutka
Tel 260.246.0619
Email dallyd@zoho.com
WWW dallasdutka.wix.com/dallyddharma
Update 2014-02-19
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