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Academy of the Lotus Blossom

Centre description
Our Academy is for students, who are sincere in their spiritual pursuit and commitment to a life of higher consciousness and realization.
The Academy of the Lotus Blossom is a vocational school and a training seminary for candidates of various ordained ministries. Our students are not limited to solely the Buddhist path. All that is required is an open mind and a sincere heart to spiritual growth.
Established 2010
Founder Fa-Jian Shakya
Lineage Mahayana (Hui Neng)
Affiliation Order of the Lotus Blossom
Where on earth is Academy of the Lotus Blossom?
Academy of the Lotus Blossom
5100 Van Dorn Street Unit 6154
Lincoln Nebraska
USA 68506
Contact Fa-Jian Shakya
Tel (402) 450-4668
Email office@healingartscenter.us
WWW www.lotusblossom.us
Update 2013-10-04
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