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Ogyen Ling Monastery

Ogyen Ling  Monastery
Centre description
This monastery was founded at the base of Dhado Lhawang Karpo Snow Mountain or Chain of Teshoe Snow Mountain of Hor Tewo county, western part of Dachu river from four great rivers (Chushe) and Marza Gang range from six great ranges (Gang Duk), Dokham, eastern province of Snow Land, Tibet, the roof of the world, by His Holiness the Karmapa, the knower of three times, in 1164, the Wood-Male-Monkey year, 3rd Rabjung of the Tibetan calendar and gave a name as Mila Monastery to it.

Later in 1639, the Earth-Rabbit year, 11th Rabjung of the Tibetan calendar, the monastery was completely destroyed by the Mongolian war incited by Gushri Hen.

The monastery is being called from a few different names, such as, Mila monastery, Minya monastery and Minyak monastery. In actual fact, it is obvious that these different names were developed through the decline of the tone of one side of the monastery’s name itself: ‘Mila’ of ‘Mila Gon’.

Even though no great instructors of the teachings of Sutra and Tantara were emerged from this monastery, but many true holders of the practice lineage through pure ascetic life style who renounced the aims of this life, had emerged from the incarnate succession of Mila Tulku, the line of the saint of spiritual practice, such as, 1st incarnation Thinley Dhondup, 2nd incarnation Tsedup Rinpoche, 3rd incarnation Minyak Repa Drodul Lekyi Dorjee or Sangnyak Tharchin and others.

During the life time of these acclaimed holy Lamas, they used to go to attend the yearly grand religious festival at Tsurphu, the great monastery of Drogon Kagyuepa tradition. In more than 600 hundred years of long history since the monastery was founded, it contains the history of holding the religious system of the Kagyuepa order. Even today, it still maintains the custom of performing a few ritual rites of Kagyuepa tradition. Afterwards, Minyak Repa invited Tulku Choekyi Nyima, the holder of the religious tradition of Pelyulwa and turned the monastery into a Nyingma monastery.

The 4th Mila Tulku, Nyime Sechok was born to the son of Choephuk Tsang in 1910, the Iron-Male-Dog year, 11th Rabjung of the Tibetan calendar. He visited Gochen monastery to study Buddhist monastic educations and he stayed in his uncle’s room there.

When he has reached his early twenties, he visited Pelyul Namgyal Jangchup Choeling monastery, and took Bhikshu vow from the feet of Dupwang Pelchen Duepa. He then entered the branch Buddhist Lecture College of the Magon monastery, and thoroughly studied and contemplated on the monastic educations of Sutra and Tantra, including the higher Tibetan grammatical studies. His Excellency the Karma Thekchok Nyingpo has given his favorite Pema Thongdol hat to him as a gift which exists even today.

Later, he, Sayul Tulku Phatop and Khenpo Rabgyal, all three together built the Buddhist Lecture College and Meditation Centre in the monastery, and performed magnificent deeds of benefiting the Buddha Dharma. Afterwards, he again visited twice to Pelyul Magon monastery and built objects of reliance, and offered abundance of religious allowance to the Sanghas. He and Domang Terchen jointly recognized the reincarnation of Tala Tonpa and gave him a grand enthronement ceremony.

During his visit to China along with the company of other high Lamas from Kham, he saw the activities of Cultural Revolution going in full swing under the occupation of China, and returned back with great sadness in the deep of his heart. Later, when he was serving tortures under the barbarians, he was said to be possessed with qualities of wise, conscientious and righteous more superior to others. This story is still being narrated by his spiritual friends who are alive at present.

Finally, at the age of 63, in 1972 of the western calendar and in the evening of the 3rd of 1st month, the Water-Male-Mouse year, 16th Rabjung of the Tibetan calendar, he dissolved his form body into the sphere of emptiness. Sayul Phatop had rendered huge contribution to the teachings and practices of Buddha Dharma in Mila monastery, and passed away into the sphere of emptiness in 1984. Khenpo Rabgyal went to India and established Buddhist Institutes in Rewalsar and Bir Tibetan settlement, and then passed away to the state of peace.

The entire objects of reliance and reliant of the monastery have been completely destroyed during the time of Cultural Revolution. In 1982, grabbing the chance of Chinese policy of permitting the restoration of monasteries in Tibet, Tulku Dawa Gyaltsen, Lama Tashi Wangyal, Khenpo Pema Dorjee, Lama Yeshi Sangpo and many others, without turning away from difficulties, they built the new prayer hall on the same spot of the ruined monastery of the past. And perfectly built the one-storey statue of Buddha prepared from gold and bronze, a statue of Jowo, five big statues of second Buddha Guru Padmasambhava etc, canons of Buddha’s teachings and canons of commentaries printed from Dege printing press as the basis of the speech, a stupa made from gold and silver adorned with precious ornaments as the basis of the mind, and different kinds of offering utensils of gold and silver. Construction of the objects of reliance and reliant was well completed with the help of huge material contribution mainly from Lobsang Tashi, a relative of Sayul Tulku, and many other faithful and generous sponsors.

Every year on the grand religious festival, ritual rite of great propitiation of Guhyasamaja, summer retreat and purification and confession ceremony are held from the 13th of the first Tibetan month. In the 12th Tibetan month, rituals of the three, Ngon, Tsa and Zog were performed according to the Pelyulwa tradition, and at the end of the month, there is a tradition of performing the ritual of nine offerings and display of the mandala of Zabchoe Shetro Gongpa Rangdol to the departed souls of the past and present, and guide them to the fortunate rebirths.

In 1984, 5th Minyak Tulku was born to the family of Tehor Tsang. He was recognized as the reincarnation of the previous incarnation by his eminent Shukgang Matul Choekyi Nyima. He was then invited by Treasurer Yama Tsewang to Gukteng hermitage to study from the hand of Lama Dorjee. After that he returned to his own monastery and resided there for few years. He then went to the religious town of Serta Larung monastery. During his three years stay in the monastery, he learned wide range of Sutra and Tantra Buddhist philosophies from the feet of his eminent Jigme Phuntsok. After that, he visited Pelyul monastery and studied on all the treatises, beginning from three Tibetan grammatical studies-Sumchupa, Tagjug and Dagyig, to the forth chapter of lower Sutra.

In 2002, he came to India and entered the Buddhist Lecture College from the fifth grade. There he thoroughly completed his study on Sutra, Tantara and fields of Tibetan studies, and received the prestigious degree of Khenpo in 2006. At present, he has been conducting the welfare of sentient beings in foreign countries corresponding to the guidance of his eminence.

However, it was becoming difficult for him to go to the same old monastery place. On the other hand, the old monastery campus was very small. Therefore, on the basis of these reasons the location of the monastery was shifted to Namteng. The objects of the reliance and reliant of the new monastery are already on completion stage at present. His eminent Dupwang Pema Norbu has designated the monastery’s name as ‘Pel Ogyen Sangchen Ngagyur Donyak Khedup Ling’. The monastery has three main branches, which includes Kharchak hermitage at the east, Takgo hermitage at the north and Gugteng hermitage at the south. It has total of more than two hundred monks from which some are studying in Serta monastery, some in Pelyul monastery, and few others in India.
Dharmic activities
Teaching all nine yanas
Community service
Teaching and help
Established 1164
Founder The first Karmapa Dusum Kyenpa,
Lineage Nyingma
Affiliation Australia, Taiwan, Uk
Lineage holder / Director Tulku Ogyen Nyima
Centre teacher(s) Tulku Ogyen Nyima
Members & Friends 2147483647   2 registered   1 public
Ogyen Ling  Monastery
Language(s) Tibetan, English, Chinese
Ogyen Ling Monastery

Dandu, Luhuo, Ganzi Sichuan
Contact Ogyen Ling Monastery
Tel 0086 13568685371
Email ogyenling@gmail.com
WWW www.ogyenling.org
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