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Bodhicharya Oklahoma Buddhist Community

Centre description
We are a social structure dedicated to Lay person's needs to attain the compassion and wisdom necessary for meditation accomplishment.Our classes are held through the generosity of Fellowship Congregational Church and in our private homes. All our energy is focused on teachings and practice with our donations going to Tibetan cultural projects around the world.
Dharmic activities
Teachings applied to Meditation practice; retreats; Nalanda Bodhi Buddhist curriculum. Sangha group practice; Ngondro, Tsog. Lama teaching visits and connection. Our focus; meditation practice that improves quality of daily life. Ngondro accumulation. Mahamudra teachings and practice.
Established 2001
Founder Ringu Tulku Rinpoche
Lineage Karma Kagyu, Nyingma, Gelukpa
Affiliation Bodhicharya www.bodhicharya.org
Lineage holder / Director Jacqueline Roemer
Centre teacher(s) Jacqueline Roemer
Bodhicharya Oklahoma Buddhist Community

Tulsa Oklahoma
Contact Jacqueline Roemer
Tel 918 808 8880
Email bodhicharya@gmail.com
WWW www.bodhicharyaoklahoma.com
Update 2010-12-12
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