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Buddhist Coalition for Boddhisattva Activity

Centre description
Our vision is to provide compassionate support for individuals in need within the Boulder County community. The Buddhist Coalition for Bodhisattva Activity aspires to unite the diverse local Buddhist organizations under the bodhisattva ideal. We hope to have all these Buddhist groups act as a coalition and become a recognized presence in the social fabric. It is our aim to integrate into Boulder County's resources and contribute energy in various forms to addressing the existing social problems.
Dharmic activities
service volunteering
bringing volunteer experiences to the practice path
Established 2003
Founder n/a
Lineage holder / Director n/a
Centre teacher(s) various
Where on earth is Buddhist Coalition for Boddhisattva Activity?
Buddhist Coalition for Boddhisattva Activity
5000 Butte St #266, Boulder
Boulder Colorado
USA 80301
Contact Tania Leontov
Tel 303 938 9916
Email buddhistcoalition@netzero.com
WWW www.buddhistcoalition.org
Update 2009-10-04
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