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BayVajra.info is a Tibetan Buddhism links list & events list for the SF Bay area. Links include local centers and other resources. Events include dharma teachings, group practice sessions, sangha gatherings, fundraising benefits, Tibetan freedom, and Tibetan culture.

You can read event listings on the site, or subscribe to a newsfeed, or subscribe to email. Visit the site to subscribe. If you're not familiar with newsfeeds, see the Help pages. Event listings appear on the site immediately after being posted, and on subscribers' desktops.

Bay Area Tibetan Buddhist centers, practice groups & individuals can post their dharma events. To post your events, get a writer account; see the Help pages. You don't need an account to read the event listings, or to subscribe to newsfeed or email. Use of the site is free for everyone.
Established 2007
Lineage Tibetan Buddhism

San Francisco Bay Area California
Contact Jordan Rothstein
WWW bayvajra.info
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Update 2010-05-09
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