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Dharma Sagara Buddhist Meditation Center

Centre description
Shrine room and meditation instruction room located in the Five Points section of Columbia.
Dharmic activities
Scheduled sitting on Wednesday evenings at 7:00 and Sunday mornings from 9:00 to noon. Dharma readings during sitting or tapes of Chogyam Trungpa played after sitting on Wednesday evenings.
Established 2007
Founder Chogyam Trungpa
Lineage Tibetan: Kagyu, Nyingma
Centre teacher(s) Thomas Parkman and Carl Eisenstadt
Members & Friends 10   1 registered  
Language(s) English
Where on earth is Dharma Sagara Buddhist Meditation Center?
Dharma Sagara Buddhist Meditation Center
2065 Blossom St. Suite 206
Columbia South Carolina
USA 29205
Contact Carl Eisenstadt
Email carl@dharmasagarabuddhistmeditationcenter.org
WWW www.dharmasagarabuddhistmeditationcenter.org
Update 2008-12-14
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