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Insight Meditation Center of Lewes

Centre description
We are an Insight Meditation Center open to people of all traditions. No matter what your tradition is, you are invited to do meditation practice with us and participate in our retreats - no commitments or experience needed.
Dharmic activities
meditation sessions - two times a week on Mondays at 4:00 & Wednesdays at 5:00 at St Peters Episcopal Church Parish Hall
introductory course
hald day and full day retreats
1st Friday Events
Established 2003
Founder Insight Teachers
Lineage Vipassanā
Affiliation Insight Meditation
Lineage holder / Director Insight Teachers
Members & Friends 100   0 registered  
Where on earth is Insight Meditation Center of Lewes?
Insight Meditation Center of Lewes
17019 Bristol Rd
Lewes Delaware
USA 19958
Contact Nick Edge
Tel 302-945-4095
Email info@imc-lewes.org
WWW www.imc-lewes.org
Update 2008-04-07
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