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Dana Sangha Hamburg

Centre description
Dana Sangha Hamburg was founded in summer 2007 as an affiliated group of Dana Sangha Paris, the main seat of this Soto-Zen-Community. It was founded in the Paris suburb of Montreuil in 1994 by Catherine Genno Pagès Roshi, Dharma successor of Dennis Genpo Merzel Roshi, where it helds a Zen-Center for lay practitioners.
The Hamburg Zen group, which is open to everyone who is interested, is led by Corinne Joie Partagée Frottier Hoshi, Dharma-holder and longterm student of Genno Roshi.
Dharmic activities
Meditation is practiced in the traditional Japanese form, i.e.:
- sitting contemplation (Zazen)
- walking contemplation (Kinhin)
- interviews with the teacher (Daisan)
Established 2006
Founder Genno Pagès Roshi
Lineage Maezumi Roshi
Affiliation Dana Sangha Paris
Centre teacher(s) Corinne Frottier
Where on earth is Dana Sangha Hamburg?
Dana Sangha Hamburg
Kaempsweg 2
Hamburg Hamburg
Germany D-22301
Contact Corinne Frottier
Tel 49- (0)170 27 17 280
Email danasanghahh@aol.com
WWW www.danasanghahh.org
Update 2008-03-17
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