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Ananda Dharma Center

Centre description
Ananda Dharma Center is a Tibetan Gelug-pa dharma center founded in 2007 by Venerable Choden Rinpoche . Our mission is to create a sound environment in which to learn the authentic, complete science of Buddhism - both Sutra and Tantra - as well as ancient Tibetan healing and medicine (combined with Chinese acupuncture), Indian and Chinese Astrology, and Tibetan language. And, through this environment, to produce awakened practitioners, teachers, philosophers, meditators, social workers, doctors, healers, and astrologers.

All teachings are offered in a warm hearted atmosphere, with the sound basis of the Buddha Dharma, love, compassion, Bodhichitta, and Wisdom.
Established 2007
Founder Kyabje Choden Rinpoche
Lineage Tibetan: Gelugpa
Lineage holder / Director Kyabje Choden Rinpoche
Centre teacher(s) Geshe Gyalten
Language(s) Tibetan, English
Where on earth is Ananda Dharma Center?
Ananda Dharma Center
122 North 5th Street
San Jose California
USA 95112
Contact karen zielke, spc
Tel (408) 885 1522
Email info@anandadharma.org
WWW www.anandadharma.org
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Update 2012-07-29
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