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Hsu Yun Buddhist Association

Centre description
Our practice is in the Mahayana tradition, which includes Chan (Zen) and Pure Land practices. We have regular Sunday services at 9:00 am every Sunday. Services includes meditation, chanting & a Dharma talk or discussion. We celebrate all Buddhist holidays, do house blessings, funerals, memorials & weddings.

Rev. Ron Brickey telephone: 520-404-6501

We are located at 140 E. Navajo Rd, Tucson, AZ 85739. We are between Prince & Fort Lowel Rds. and 2 blocks east of Oracle Rd.
Dharmic activities
Meditation and Buddhist philosophy instruction. Lay ordination (Refuge Ceremony) is offered periodically. When requested we do talks at schools and various organizations. We host various organizations who wish to visit our temple to learn more about Buddhism.
Community service
We visit the sick and dying in hospitals, homes and hospices.
Established 1998
Founder Venerable Dao Chuan
Lineage Ven. Master Hsu Yun
Affiliation Los Angeles Buddhist Union (LABU)
Lineage holder / Director Venerable Dao Chuan
Centre teacher(s) Ven Dao Chuan and Thich Nu Lien Thuy, Rev. Ron Brickey
Members & Friends 80   1 registered  
Language(s) English & Vietnamese
Where on earth is Hsu Yun Buddhist Association?
Hsu Yun Buddhist Association
140 E. Navajo Road
Tucson Arizona
USA 85705
Contact Venerable Dao Chuan
Tel 520-907-6245
Email daochuan@wbhsi.net
WWW www.hsuyun.net
Update 2010-02-16
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