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Arizona International Buddhist Meditation Center

Centre description
Stress is a phenomenon, which makes all humans suffer. Especially today in this materialistic world we experience stress more than ever. To live stress free life is not an easy task for many of us because stress as a phenomenon remains unrecognized. It is now discovered that stress leads to other complications such as heart diseases, substance abuse, marital discord, frustration, anger, violence, and even murder.

Without proper training we are unable to observe things as they occur around us. But are still quick to react to what we experience without observing the repercussions. Such blind reactions create chaos in life. The stress that gets accumulated in the human body and mind in this way needs to be discharged. Often, it gets discharged in the form of hatred, violence and hostilities. Thus, on many occasions our easily avoidable problems unfortunately, end in human tragedy. This is a universal human problem that requires a universal approach to resolve it.

Though people work hard to secure happiness, they end up in unhappiness. Most of these us are longing for temporary sensual pleasures and experience misery instead of finding lasting happiness (sukha). If one wants to be free from misery, one has to make a conscious decision to achieve this freedom. The Buddhas teachings offer a way to eradicate misery altogether from our lives. Though the techniques have been available to us for over 2500 years, we can not sell or by these techniques like a medication. If one wants the positive results, one has to learn and practice them seriously, ardently and patiently. This practice leads the student to the destination of mental purity and mental tranquility. Lasting happiness results from mental tranquility which is also the freedom of stress.

With the availability of the teaching of the Buddha in the todays world people have some level knows these techniques, it is necessary to have a conducive environment to engage ourselves in serious practice. It is not easy to find such truly conducive environment in the modern society although there are many commercial ventures that sell so-called meditation at a high price, as if it were a medication to sell and administer. Besides such places do not seem to serve who need this service the most, e.g. adolescents, the youth and the elderly.

Our intention is to build a centre for all these groups to learn and practice the Buddhist techniques of Bhavana (mental training) for mental serenity and mind purification. Through this program, our intention is to serve all regardless of religious, cultural or ethnic differences. The facility will provide accommodation to those who require a proper environment for mental relaxation. It will encompass a library of Buddhist books for the use of all its members. The centre will hold regular retreats for those who are interested in learning Bhavana techniques for everyone.

Dharmic activities
Community religious activities, and Dhamma Talk as well as Meditation practice
Established 2004
Founder Bhante Ananda
Lineage Theravada
Affiliation Sri Jinaratana Adyapana Ayatana Palaka Sabha( Gangaramaya, Sri Lanka
Lineage holder / Director Bhante Ananda
Centre teacher(s) Bhente Ananda
Members & Friends 150   1 registered   1 public
Where on earth is Arizona International Buddhist Meditation Center?
Arizona International Buddhist Meditation Center
432 S Temple St
Mesa Arizona
USA 85204
Contact Siyabalagoda Ananda
Tel 480-626-4153
Email info@meditationforyou.org
WWW www.meditationforyou.org
Update 2009-12-23
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