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Dharma Bum Temple

Dharma Bum Temple
Centre description
The Dharma Bum Temple is a home for the study and practice of Buddhism in America. Founded in 2006, we do not advocate one particular school of Buddhism. We are simply a bridge for Western people to enter into a Buddhist practice. When one enters the stream of Buddhism, it can be confusing; so we help make it simple.

Dharma Bums focus on the Four Noble Truths, the Eightfold Path, and Six Paramitas. To speak about Buddhism is not enough. One must practice these basic Buddhist principles. Through diligent practice, one will begin to realize the cause of their suffering, thus moving beyond suffering and into Nirvana.

Dharma Bums are disciples of the Buddha, practitioners of the Dharma, and caretakers of the Sangha.
Dharmic activities
The Dharma Bum Temple Activities: Homeless Outreach, Prison Outreach, Dharma Bum Kids, Dharma Bum Teens, Residential Dharma Bum Life Program, Monks, Nuns, Buddhist Scholars, Silent Retreats, Buddhist 12-Step Program for AA/NA, Aztec Dharma Bums, College Meditation Groups and More - ALL FOR FREE
Community service
Homless Outreach, Prison Outreach, Meditation Outreach

Sharing Food With The Hungry

The food redistribution project is about saying "no" to a system that attempts to determine who gets to eat and who doesn't. It is about helping the environment as we prevent food in good condition from going to waste, helping others as we share food with them, and helping ourselves develop the practice of generosity.

Many people think that they can only give to others if they are wealthy. This is not true. Practicing generosity means to give our time, energy and resources to relieve others from their suffering no matter if we are wealthy or not. Generosity is the first of the Six Paramitas and its essence is boundless love.

If you believe in selfless giving to achieve the welfare of all beings, please join us at 5pm every Thursday at the Dharma Bum Temple.
Established 2006
Founder Venerable Walter and The Dharma Bums
Lineage None - We are a bridge for people to enter the path, like training wheels...
Lineage holder / Director Walter
Centre teacher(s) Venerable Walter
Members & Friends 100   4 registered   1 public
Walter Zee
Language(s) English
Where on earth is Dharma Bum Temple?
Dharma Bum Temple
541 2nd Ave Suite A
San Diego California
USA 92101
Contact Walter
Tel 858-922-8811
Email peace@thedharmabums.org
WWW thedharmabums.org
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Update 2014-08-16
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