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Amida Buddhism Newcastle

Centre description
Our centre is in Gosforth, about two miles north of Newcastle city centre, at Amida Sanctuary, which is a few minutes walk from Gosforth High Street.

Amida Newcastle: http://tinyurl.com/29yorj
Buddhism at Newcastle University: http://tinyurl.com/yazqmmy
Buddhism at Northumbria University: http://tinyurl.com/yeebl25
Dharmic activities
Our meetings and events are open to all who would like to learn about the Amida School of Pureland Buddhism and to practice with us, whether they are from our own or other Buddhist traditions, other religions or none. We offer Pureland Buddhist practice, chanting, meditation, services, talks and Introduction to Buddhism lessons.

The teachers are Acharya Sujatin and Rev Kuvalaya. Rev Kuvalaya is a Ganko-sha (formerly known as Chaplain) with the Amida Order. Acharya Sujatin is a senior Minister with the Amida Order. She is also the Buddhist Chaplain at Newcastle and Northumbria Universities, where she runs weekly guided 'Meditation For Relaxation' sessions for students and staff and 'Introduction to Buddhism' and guided meditation classes: all these sessions run during term time.

Acharya Sujatin and Rev Kuvalaya are happy to meet with people individually for spiritual friendship, guidance in their Buddhist practice and for pastoral care.
Established 2000
Founder Rev Dharmavidya David Brazier
Lineage Pure Land Amidashu
Centre teacher(s) Acharya Sujatin Johnson, Reverend Kuvalaya Abel
Language(s) English
Where on earth is Amida Buddhism Newcastle?
Amida Buddhism Newcastle
Amida Sanctuary, Beacon House, 49 Linden Road, Gosforth
Newcastle upon Tyne
England NE3 4HA
Contact Amida Buddhism Newcastle
Tel 0191 213 2564 (before 9pm)
Email sujatin@gmail.com
WWW lotusinthemud.typepad.com/amida_newcastle
Update 2010-01-12
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