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Dhamma Kyaung Samgha

Dhamma Kyaung Samgha
Centre description
Practicing Buddha's Way (DKS) is a lay community that strives to put into practice in our every day lives the complex and strict guidelines set forth by Buddha for his Dhamma. DKS members strive to study, share their knowledge, practice and clarification of the Dhamma; in a Lay Community, with a strong ethic of not misrepresenting the Buddha’s teachings.
Dharmic activities
Puja Service Honour & Homage
DKS will again be having a weekly Puja service in our new town of Goshen, IN beginning in April of 2008. Puja lasts about an hour-and-a-half and includes: Homage, taking Refuge, daily Precepts, brief Dhamma talk, silent meditation, chanting of Suttas and closing Homage.

DKS Metta Samgha (Dhamma Study)
Small study groups are available for those who wish to learn more about Buddhism or continue their education of the Dhamma. Please contact us for current days, times and directions.
Community service
DKS welcomes everyone from the community that would like to get involved with local engagement and the surrounding areas. Engagement is not only an important practice for Buddhist, our community needs all of us to come together and be much more informed, involved and concerned about all our neighbours. Community is also very important to us here at DKS and we are striving to make DKS a worthwhile and fulfilling Community Service Organisation. DKS Programmes are on-going, and with our move here we are seeking volunteers. We are looking forward to adding more programmes in Goshen this coming year.
To find out more about our engagement programmes and how you can get involved just send us an e-mail.
Established 2003
Founder Nayaidhamma
Lineage Dhamma
Lineage holder / Director Lay Community
Centre teacher(s) Nayaidhamma
Members & Friends 23   1 registered   1 public
Language(s) Pali, English (U.S.)
Dhamma Kyaung Samgha

Goshen Indiana
Contact Nayaidhamma
Tel 574.606.5130
Email dhamma_kyaung_samgha@yahoo.com
WWW groups.yahoo.com/group/DhammaKyaungSamgha/
Update 2008-03-24
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