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Chung Tai Zen Center of Houston

Centre description
Chung Tai Zen Center of Houston (CTZCOH) is an affiliate of Chung Tai Chan Monastery (CTCM) in Taiwan. Founded by Grand Master Weichueh, CTCM is the leading Chan (Chinese Zen) monastery in the world which propagates the true Teaching.

CTZCOH is located in the southwest of Houston, Texas and is one of the eight meditation centers of CTCM in the United States. This center was built from the donations of devout disciples and completed in September 2002. It is a haven for all practitioners to learn Chan, meditation, Buddha's teachings, and the altruistic practice of Bodhisattvas.

CTZCOH comprises four buildings that house two meditation halls, a reception lobby, a dining hall, a library, two conference rooms, a kitchen, dormitories, and so on. The center offers Chan meditation classes in English and Chinese and hosts ceremonies, meditation retreats and other activities on various occasions. All the activities of the center are offered to the general public free of charge. Thus, it needs donations to suport its operation.

CTZCOH currently has five Masters who are all extremely qualified Buddhist monks committed to guiding practitioners on the right Path. These Masters help people awaken their inner peace, compassion and wisdom, which contributes to a safer and more prosperous Houston, USA and world.
Dharmic activities
Meditation Classes, Sutra Lessons, Buddhist ceremonies, half-day retreat, Annual 7-day retreat, pilgrimage trip to CTCM in Taiwan, etc.
Community service
Free Mandarin learning classes, vegetarin food cooking classes, etc.
Established 2002
Founder Grand Master Wei Cheuh
Lineage Chinese: Ch'an
Affiliation Chung Tai Chan Monastery, Taiwan
Lineage holder / Director Master Jian Zong
Centre teacher(s) 5
Language(s) English, Chinese
Where on earth is Chung Tai Zen Center of Houston?
Chung Tai Zen Center of Houston
12129 Bellaire Blvd
Houston Texas
USA 77072
Contact Chung Tai Zen Center of Houston
Tel 281-568-1568
Email zen@cthouston.org
WWW cthouston.org
Update 2009-02-06
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