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institute for rewiring the system

Centre description
there are more than 6 billion people in the world yet more than 4 billion do not believe in an deity. these people need a method for contacting the immaterial as they understand it without the fetters of intersection by another human being. the institute offers programs for starting a meditation practice based on sitting still with relaxed breathing so that a true understanding of who we each are and what the meaning of our life is in both the micro and macro systems becomes known to each of us.
Dharmic activities
available for group meetings and walking sitting practice.
i do offer for a fee business office 'in service' sessions hours for professional individuals and groups for both stress management and conflict resolution as well as 'play for productivity' workshops. i lead local walking meditation tours for people to rediscover the areas of where they live and work.
Community service
there is no charge for individual instruction for the path toward truth has no price.
Established 1997
Founder ilsa bartlett
Members & Friends 2   2 registered   1 public
ilsa bartlett
Language(s) english
Where on earth is institute for rewiring the system?
institute for rewiring the system
1222 "b" ashby avenue
Berkeley California
USA 94702
Contact ilsa bartlett
WWW www.hotlux.com/angel.htm
Update 2008-08-20
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