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Zero Emissions Day -1903 days to
Potluck Your Park
Global 24 hour Moratorium on the use of Fossil Fuels
Scene from The Beautiful Green

Coline Serreau's 1996 film La Belle Verte begins with a community — planet — picnic that can serve as a model here. Potluck your Park is a perfect companion to stopping fossil fuels for a day. This is not so much about being "green" or about reacting to a climate crisis or reacting to anything for that matter. It's about initiating conversations about what we really care about. Here's the plan:

Empty your larder (refrigerator, whatever) the day before Zeday (so you can unplug it and clean it for the first time in a long time). Make food offerings that everyone will appreciate, then on Zero Emissions Day at noon head for your local park with a picnic basket and blanket and share. Celebrate and talk planet. If the weather is not quite right make your local picnic happen under a roof someplace close by (make a Plan B). First and foremost your gathering is all about the childen present. Plan ahead, make this happen somehow and get ready to join in the best gathering ever!

Scene from The Beautiful Green

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