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ZeDay is the smile on everyones’ face when we all actually stop!
All you really need to donate to Zero Emissions Day is your awareness.
On September 21 simply be mindful of the moratorium and do your best not to turn on fossil fuel powered devices, like your kettle, car, lights, lawnmower, airplane, TV, etc.. If you can do this, that's plenty! And you can do it!

If everyone can do this, including major industry, government, military, transportation and commercial interests then Zero Emissions Day actually stops the world effectively (for the the first time since the start of the industrial revolution) and we can all breath a sign of relief.

Needless to say, this is a really large communications project – perhaps the world's largest. From the outset we realize this could take years. Some of you will no doubt be inspired to support this effort and we welcome everyone's contributions. Sign in to discover the many ways you can help here.

If you are inspired to donate money, the recommendation is spare change – a dollar or two or your currency equivalent. Since we're starting at zero to arrive at zero, more substantial donations will accelerate the global moratorium and be of universal benefit.

Zero Emissions Day is “all inclusive” – the goal is 100% participation.

We are actively seeking corporate sponsors from businesses and organizations that endorse the concept of shutting down fossil fuel powered operations for 24 hours and not causing harm. Here the recommended donation is the same, a dollar or two per employee.

Individuals, businesses, governments and organizations may freely use any and all Zero Emissions Day identity, message and graphics, for promotional purposes provided the source is credited and/or is sited.

Zero Emissions Day is currently administered at Sealevel in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada.

Make history in 2009: just one day for a whole planet.
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Press Release
March 21, 2009

A Letter to President-elect Obama
December 21, 2008

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