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What to do on Zero Emissions Day?
We have a pretty good idea what to avoid on ZeDay. Without everything powered by fossil fuel what can we possibly do? Without power you really have a lot of power! Here are some suggestions:
Our habit is to turn things on.
We'll no doubt all do this automatically and hopefully catch ourselves when we do. That’s the fun part – when everyone’s sense of humor has to come into play!

Most of us certainly don't need to be so dependent on fossil fuels, and yet there are those of us who definitely are, the elderly and infirm, for example. Hence the common sense guideline:
“Don’t put anyone in harm’s way: All essential and emergency services operate normally.”
If we are able to pare back to the essentials for 24 hours, we get to bank all the energy we save for a rainy day when someone (perhaps our children and their children?) might really need it.

Don’t get down on yourself or anyone else for failing to go cold turkey. Stop, take a deep breath and join the celebration – simply come back to the simplicity – the way our ancestors lived for millennia. It’s ok if you’re a one person celebration.

ZeDay '09 is all about neighbourhood conversations: listening closely to others and speaking authentically.

ZeDay '09 is a gentle touch.
Be gentle with yourself.
Be gentle with others.
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March 21, 2009

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December 21, 2008

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